Map Prices


I can recreate or make a new map for you. Something you kan print and use for years.

   It all comes down to how mush details there is in form of names on hamlets, cities, agriculture, smaller rivers, details, and things like that. Those things takes time.
   We can't have a river flowing over a mountain och hills. It has to twist and turn. We can't have agriculture just anywhere or under a forest or on a mountain top. Everything have to blend nicely. And I will check things out with you during the work.
   Do you prefer this colour on the sea or that? This kind of forest or that kind, and so on.

A simple map, with rivers, mountain ranges, ocean and forest. (Takes less time than the area ones with villages, and manny rivers, streams, small forest areas and such.)
This type of map costs...
   - 210 dollars. 

   - 200 euro. 

   - 2000 sek. 


The advanced ones, with many, many details like villages, agriculture, small rivers connecting with larger ones, will take many, many hours and costs...
   - 500 dollars and up, depending of the amount of details.

   -  475 euro and up, depending of the amount of details.

   - 4750 sek och upp, beroende på detaljer.



Mikael Mansén 0708307317 (+46708 307 317)

References : 

Mythis - (table top rollplaying game) 

Age of Fantasy -  (age of empire 2 mod) 

Miramir förlag

Whip media.